Motion and Film | Upland, IN


A collaboration with One County Film.

Synopsis: Chris, a hardened auto-mechanic, aims to inspire neo-alt-right rhetoric in his community. He avoids conflict with his girlfriend Kelly by wasting his weeknights at the local bar (in spite of his AA meetings), where Chuck plays the village sage. Chuck lives a prematurely retired life in a little room above a bar in rural Indiana. Hospital bills loom, as does his need to borrow money from his estranged daughter Emily living in Indianapolis. Every night he goes downstairs to drink amid oldies and newbies alike, such as Alexa, a college student. Alexa and her two friends want to get their music noticed, but struggle to find an audience for rap at their Christian college. This cross-generational portrait of life in the cornfields examines familial dissociation, culture-clash, and the pursuit of music, back-dropped by the crackling soil of early spring-time Indiana.

In early 2018, I spent three weeks in Upland, Indiana to assist in the production of Palace. There I assisted the director of photography on production builds and managed the on-set photography.

March, 2018
Director: Andrew Paul Davis
Director of Photography: Jay Curtis Miller
Set Photography: Jose Morales