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Light | L16 Camera

Official Camera Ambassador for Light.

Jose has been a Light ambassador and L16 advocate since the beginning. It's only natural that someone who is drawn to geometric shapes, futuristic looks, and bold design found a home with the L16."

Dave Grannan and Rajiv Laroia started Light with a simple question: How can we take quality photos with the least amount of gear? Despite owning expensive DSLR cameras, both found themselves taking more photos with their smartphones out of convenience. They wanted a tool that would allow them to focus on the moment, rather than the camera controls—and they wanted the confidence that their pictures would turn out flawless. Hence, the L16 was born.

Light is pioneering the era of the software-defined camera. Combining breakthrough optics technology with sophisticated computational software, Light cameras deliver high-quality imaging in a compact, cost-effective footprint. This revolutionary approach was first implemented in the award-winning Light L16 camera. Now, in partnership with Softbank Vision Fund, Leica Camera, Sony, and Xiaomi - Light's imaging platform will go far beyond consumer photography. Soon, you will find Light technology in smartphones, automobiles, security systems, and more.

During the years of 2018 and 2019, I created content for Light using the L16 and the Nokia 9 Pureview. My photographs were implemented across all of Light’s channels: website, email, company blog, press kit, digital ads, and Series D Financing Images.


February, 2019

Photos: Jose Morales
Camera: Light L16
Words: Madison Kahn