Candamill, 2018 

Candamill is a dynamic fashion label, helmed by New York based designers Cindy and Cristian Candamil. Before starting the company it was evident that the brother and sister team would venture down this path, both creatives having had expansive and diversified backgrounds in art, fashion and design. Born to Colombian parents and raised in Queens, New York- Cristian, a conceptual artist with over a decade of experience, actively involved in numerous projects in New York's art and design circles, while Cindy completed a fashion degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology and went forward to work for fashion icons Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen.

Designed and crafted in New York, the label creates high-quality pieces with an emphasis on balance and composition. Candamill interprets their aesthetic as "New Mid-Century" with a lens that finds opulence in simplicity.

Photos: Jose Morales
Retouching: Christian Candamill


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